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Oct 11 2017

Workers compensation #workers #compesation


Workers compensation

We regulate the workers compensation system in NSW so that it is sustainable, fair and affordable and provides support for workers with a work related injury.

The system includes the nominal insurer (icare acts for the nominal insurer), specialised insurers and self-insurers (both private and government).

These insurers issue policies (excluding self insurers) and manage the collection of premiums. They process claims, inform employers and workers of their obligations and responsibilities, and help workers recover and return to work.

Licensed insurers can contract out to a number of insurance agents to act on their behalf. Generally, most businesses in NSW will get their policy through one of these insurance agents, and any claims etc are managed by them.

We provide information on the rights, roles and obligations of everyone working within the system. Workers compensation policy reflects evidence-based and risk-based approaches to make the system work better for everyone. We do not issue insurance policies or manage claims.

Report an injury

Advice on reporting and recording injuries in the workplace and the extra requirements around serious injuries, deaths or dangerous incidents.

Workers and claims

Information to help workers with their claims. Includes pages on types of claims and how to make a claim, and what payments and expenses they might be entitled to.

Policies and claims for employers

Information for employers to help them understand our role, as well as advice on getting a policy, and their obligations if a worker has been injured.

Workers compensation insurers

Information for licensed insurers, self-insurers and specialised insurers about workers compensation in NSW. Also includes pages on SIRA’s role, and insurer guidance material.

Help with getting back to work

Information for workers and employers on the programs and support available to help a worker get back to work.

Health practitioners for workers compensation

Comprehensive information and resources for medical and allied health professionals working in the workers compensation scheme. Includes pages on invoicing and fees.

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