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May 18 2018

Wellness Center: Counseling Services – School of the Art Institute of Chicago, school counseling positions.#School


School counseling positionsTHE CAMPAIGN FOR SAIC

School counseling positions

SAIC Recognized again for Excellence in Diversity

Learn about our efforts toward supporting and building a diverse community .

  • Post-Baccalaureate

School counseling positions

School counseling positions

SAIC’s suggested FAFSA priority deadline for each upcoming academic year is December 1 for Undergraduate Illinois Residents, January 1 for All Others. More info.

School counseling positions

Students have many options when it comes to getting involved in the SAIC community. Learn more.

School counseling positionsTHE CAMPAIGN FOR SAIC

School counseling positions School counseling positions School counseling positions

Wellness Center : Counseling Services

Counseling Services

116 S. Michigan Ave.

116 S. Michigan Ave.

Chicago IL, 60603

To schedule an appointment, call:


School counseling positions

Counseling Services at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) assists students in meeting their emotional, psychological, and mental health needs and contributes to a campus environment that facilitates the healthy growth and development of students. The service carries out its mission through three essential roles and functions including counseling and psychotherapy, consultation, and outreach programming. Counseling Services is staffed by full-time, doctoral-level licensed psychologists, a post-doctoral fellow in psychology, and part-time psychotherapists from local doctoral psychology programs working under supervision.


Currently enrolled degree-seeking SAIC students may receive up to 16 sessions of free, confidential counseling and psychotherapy.

Scheduling an Appointment

Students may schedule an appointment by calling 312.499.4271. Appointments can also be made in person at 116 South Michigan Avenue on the 13th floor. Regular Counseling Services hours are 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. A psychotherapist will typically see students for an intake session within a few days of initially contacting Counseling Services. Students who are determined to be in crisis will be seen as soon as possible, perhaps immediately.

Common Reason Student Seek Counseling and Psychotherapy

Anxiety, fears, worries, and nervousness

Academics, school work, and grades

Self-esteem and self-confidence

Uncertain about future, life after college

Procrastination and getting motivated

Decisions about career or focus of study


Counseling Services are confidential. Information communicated to SAIC counselors will not be disclosed to anyone outside Counseling Services without the written consent from the client. There are rare exceptions to this policy. These are when, in the judgment of the counselor, disclosure is necessary to protect you or someone else from serious harm or when the law requires disclosure.

Health Insurance Plan

If you are a member of the SAIC student health insurance plan and are looking for providers who accept this insurance, please click here.

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School counseling positions

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