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May 18 2018

Welding Technology Degree Program – Manchester Community College, New Hampshire, welding degree online.#Welding #degree #online


Welding Technology

Welding degree online

MCC offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.) and a Professional Certificate in Welding Technology. Students in the A.A.S. Welding Technology program develop a variety of technical skills and knowledge of industry norms that are informed by theory and built on an academic foundation that includes mathematics and communication. The Professional Certificate in Welding Technology meets entry-level employment objectives for non-code welding and includes the courses required for the first year of the A.A.S. degree.

Program Goal

Graduates of this program will be prepared students with marketable skills in a variety of welding processes for entry into the workforce.

Program Outcomes

Students who graduate from this program will be able to:

  • Possess basic competency in the four major welding processes
  • Demonstrate basic concepts and practices of technical drawing and blueprint reading in accordance with industry standards
  • Articulate safety guidelines and use of machine tools
  • Produce drawings using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software
  • Refine skills to meet code requirements for heavy plate pipe welding
  • Demonstrate knowledge of materials structures; heat treatment processes; the composition of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys; and the effects of heat-treatments on metals
  • Articulate industrial quality control procedures
  • Demonstrate fabrication techniques and cost estimation, and principles of applied statics and strength of materials

Admission Requirements

In addition to college-wide requirements, students must place into MATH111M, Numerical Geometry and ENGL110M, College Composition.

Technical Standards

  • Normal vision for reading instructions and for performing tasks (adaptive equipment acceptable).
  • Manual dexterity with both hands; good hand and eye coordination.
  • Ability to visualize and portray ideas graphically.

Employment Opportunities

The need for trained welders has grown consistently and will continue to do so until 2016. Based on this trend, it is anticipated that the need will continue to grow beyond 2016. The NH Employment Security Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau reports the need for welders, cutters, solderers brazers, machine setters, operators and tenders.

A predicted wave of retirements nationwide will create a shortage of approximately 20,000 qualified welders by 2014. Graduates are prepared for welder qualification testing which is used throughout the industry.

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