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Aug 13 2017

The Incredible Human Journey – Top Documentary Films #the #whole #journey


The Incredible Human Journey

Dr Alice Roberts travels the globe to discover the incredible story of how humans left Africa to colonize the world.

How did we get here? Following a trail of clues from the latest scientific research, Dr Alice Roberts re-traces the greatest ever journey taken by our ancestors.

Thousands of years ago one small group of our species, Homo sapiens, crossed out of Africa and into the unknown. Their descendants faced baking deserts, sweat-soaked jungles and frozen wildernesses and risked everything on the vast empty ocean.

Within 60,000 years they colonized the whole world. How did they do it? Why do we, their descendants all look so different? And what did we have that meant we were the only human species to survive?

Using the evidence from genetics, fossils, archaeology and climatology, Dr Alice Roberts uncovers five epic routes our ancestors took across the globe and the obstacles and brutal challenges they encountered along the way.

It reveals how our family tree grew and spread out across the world, producing all the variety we see in the human species today – but despite all that diversity, Alice reveals how astonishingly closely related we all are.

This playlist bellow contains all 5 episodes from this series: Out of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and The Americas .

In addition here is one interesting, interactive map of the Journey of Mankind: The Peopling of the World .

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Yeah but isn’t it time G-d released a video?

God doesnt exist and we now also know that we dont all come from africa. they found kinds of homonoids that lived in the caucasian mountains in georgia that are older than homo erectus. The Truth is what we must seek. religion is a easy answer for ingnorant people. the human journey is much more complicated than we first thought. we now know that many types of homonoids mixed as well for example the neanderthals and the cro magnons. We are a mix of many kinds of different homonoids depending on what race you are. just look up the homo florenses wich lived with modern asians till about 5000 years ago. or look at how even distant species like a tiger and a lion still mate and have babies. and there are much further apart then us and the neanderthal. Science is Everything. proof is the truth and the truth is certainly not written in a book that humans made before they even knew what dna. thunder. human anatomy. magnetism. electronics and i can go on for a while. Religion is the worst thing humans can prescribe to. If you believe in a religion. it is exacly the same as saying. i dont need proof ill believe in anything you tell me aslong as i agree. faith = ignorance. ignorance= intolerance.

Too many zombie movies already. although a bronze age Jew zombie is a nice twist it would just seem too fake. Unless all the apostles were stabbed and returned from the dead to seek revenge on the romans. Then the highlander (aka, Methuselah) got into a sword fight with The Kurgan. But the Kurgan is really the Morning Star and spews forth acid filled demons that eat people. Then Paul would suggests “I say we take off, and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the onyl way to be sure.” But willow hides the child using his old tricks and fools Bavmorda.

Naw it just doesnt make any sense.

OMG the host is gorgeous!

Why do religious people always sound so creepy when they post on here?

Okay Y’all! Explain to me how Michael Jackson went from Black to white and why God and Elvis live next door to me and won’t move back to Nashville, Africa? If you can’t figure out EVOLUTION, then just pretend that you were spawned from a large-mouth bass or a catfish with winged flippers. perhaps that would make you feel more at ease and back home in still waters. Sheesh! Where are the “Creationists” when you need them?

Her assumptions are outrageous! But hey, she made a video. Imagine. traveling this far across land, pulease. They had sea vessels. She is totally negating the abilities of these people. Look at ancient writings, look at ancient rock drawings and hieroglyphs. Geez Louise, this is pure propaganda and not very convincing. I got your tiny group of wanderers, they surely were having millions of offspring. I need to watch something else, but she’s got me captivated. See how amazing BS can be??

Mocking G-d doesn’t make you look clever, only hell-bound

So. I’m part African? lol sooo cool!

Lovely doc. Although all the traveling seems a bit unnecessary.

Do you have any evidence to back-up your claims?

She seemed credible to me, of course I’m all starry eyed right now from basking in her glory. Just kidding seriousely, she seemed intelligent and what she said seems logical to me. If you don’t believe a small group can make many, many, many off spring in a quick time- you are wrong. Try doubling any number say start with three. 3-6-12-24-48-96-192-etc-etc As you see it gets really big really fast. Imagine each number as a generation and we see within what 10 generations or so we have broke 1000 people. Now she said a group of 100 so if only half managed to produce one child and in return half of those had a child and so on and so forth. It gets enormouse- do the math. As far as them having boats. I don’t know about that, never seen any research on it or anything. Its a good question though. Now all you have to do is research it and get some real data and I’ll believe you about it. You could help solve one of the biggest mysteries in our world, how we got out of Africa. Go for it.

there’s no ‘great punisher ‘ between us and big bang

What. You mean G-d can’t take a joke. Surely if you mock Him, He can come back with a witty one-liner. (Although, come to think of it, there aren’t many gags in The Bible!) Rather than sending sinners to hell, He needs to lighten up! I mean hell may be no joke but heaven doesn’t exactly sound like a barrel of laughs either!

Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.)

Yes, this is narrated by a beautiful woman. She is an inspired professional. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Having been an Anthropologist and physician myself (now retired), I can share her passion. It is fascinating how we came out of Africa and settled the Earth. Quite an interesting story, and her travels only hi-lite the beauty of our planet. More will be discovered, of course, about our origins and spread thru the world. I make the trip out of Africa at about 92,000 years ago. Delightful program!

Do you have an opinion as to the route they took? It would be interesting to hear another professional opinion besides the one presented in the doc. I would also love to hear your opinion on another doc. on the site called The Mystery of the Human Hobbit. I’m sure you are familiar with the find on Flores, being a anthropologist. Do you feel this is a new species? Sorry to ask under this thread about a different subject but here is where I found you, a anthropologist. I can’t resist I have tons of questions actually, I should have studied anthropology insted of theology. Any way if you get a chance and are so inclined view the doc. and tell us what you think. It would be nice to hear from someone that is more apt. to truly understand the subject.

lol and i felt bad for making you look so stupid.

now i see you do it to yourself. thank you for that. i can sleep better.

about saying im clever and scientific, a quick search through the page of posts will show i didnt say that once.

also why wouldnt i copy/paste a scientific point of view? what is the difference if i say it or if i allow a more educated person to say it? i would think the latter would be the better.

” Was he posting in a dressing gown? Did he have a semi-boner throughout?”

projection. why else does the troll do what it does?

If I didn’t truly believe God wins in the end, my fellow Christians would bring me to utter dispair, starting with you! It’s incredibly rude to be so impolite to a website’s host like this. If you really want to get your points across (you seem intelligent enough), then do so with wisdom and not just intellect.

You forgot to add the word “topic” to your sentence, there, little lady! Grammar check! 😉

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