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Oct 12 2017

Open LiteSpeed Web Server Users Manual #litespeed #web #server

# Administration LiteSpeed web server can be controlled in three ways: through the WebAdmin console, from the command line, or by sending signals. Through the WebAdmin console: WebAdmin console is a centralized control panel to control and configure all LiteSpeed Web Server settings. Log on to the WebAdmin console (by default http://[your site’s address]:7080/). Select “Service Manager”. Here you will find a control panel with links to perform common tasks: server restart, server configuration reload, log viewing, real-time monitoring, virtual host reload, and virtual host enable/disable. More details on how to control LiteSpeed Web Server through the WebAdmin console – …

Aug 5 2017

LiteSpeed Web Server for Better Performance #litespeed #web #server

# Home Hosting Industry LiteSpeed Web Server for Better Performance LiteSpeed Web Server for Better Performance From the time of its introduction in 2002, LiteSpeed Web Server has become one of the fastest responding software for web service. Over a million servers have already installed this. Its popularity is still increasing as more people learn of its many features and the advantages it offers. One of the key advantages of LiteSpeed Web Server is that it is a great alternative for Apache servers, combined with a third party hosting control panel. LiteSpeed hosting has full compatibility features with all the …