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Aug 13 2017

Eclipse sun shade, eclipse shade, unshade, heatshield sun shade #dallas #auto #auction

#auto window shades # Eclipse Sun Shade- A shady barrier between the blazing sun and your interior surfaces. Block out every bit of UV radiation! The self-retracting Eclipse Sun Shade is one of a kind! Not only is it a good-looking, quality shade, but this manufacturer put serious thought and deliberation behind the design. The Eclipse SunShade is customized for your vehicle; there are no awkward gaps where the sun peeks through. A beveled bottom edge where it meets the dash prevents bunching. The shade mounts to each side of windshield so it’s always right where you left it. Mounting …

Jul 24 2017

Auto Tinting – Eclipse Tinting – Graphics #rock #auto

#auto tinting # Eclipse Tinting & Graphics Auto Window Tinting 6 Reasons To Tint Your Vehicle: Avoid Overheating – Your car s interior can be 60% cooler during those hot summer days with proper tinting. Accident Protection – In an auto accident, tinting can help shattered glass hold together, protecting the occupants of the car. Enhanced Privacy – Tinting protects your privacy and contents within a car. What a burglar can t see, he won t steal. Protect Your Skin – Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. Tinting your car can block 99% of these damaging …