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Nov 14 2017

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Swank MS Foundation: For Your Health, For Your Future

If you are reading this, chances are that you, or someone you care about, are facing the challenge of multiple sclerosis. And you are probably looking for a better way to health than simply relying on a continuous round of medication.

Celebrating the 108th Birthday of Dr. Roy L. Swank!

Back in 1950, Dr. Swank had an insight into how MS affected people, and tested 144 patients in a study in Montreal, Canada. The study was based on the amount of saturated fats in the diet, and he saw a remarkable response in these patients who went on his very low saturated fat diet. He was convinced that this was the key for them to gain control of their lives, and he dedicated the rest of his life to helping people adapt his recommended lifestyle changes and be able to live full, rewarding and active lives. There are, in fact, patients from his original 1950 study still surviving, now in their 80’s and 90’s, who have lived their extended life spans by following Dr. Swank’s guidelines.

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Take control of your MS treatment with a focus on simple changes to common western dietary and lifestyle habits. The Swank MS Diet is based on the lifetime of research by Dr. Roy L. Swank, MD, PhD, and you can read it in full right now, right here!

The Swank MS Foundation is the direct continuance of Dr. Swank’s groundbreaking research, working to bring the benefits of the Swank diet and lifestyle to all corners of the world. To find out more, read our About the Swank MS Foundation page.

Find a brief description of MS and learn details about the history of the Swank low-fat diet. Read testimonials from actual patients who have benefited from Dr. Swank’s work.

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View our video introduction to the Swank MS Program, a 17 minute interview with Dr. Laurie Mischley by Kendra Key. Get the history and basics of the diet and Dr. Swank’s program for controlling MS.

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Cyber Monday – Shop to Support

Are you planning on doing your holiday shopping online? Would you like an easy, pain-free way to help support the Swank MS Foundation? You can do both as easily as clicking on our SHOP to SUPPORT button below – a portal to hundreds of popular online stores where a portion of ANY of your purchases will go directly to help support the foundation. Share this link with your family and friends! Happy Holidays!

In stock now – order yours today: Swank Daily AM/PM Supplement Packs!

SWANK DAILY AM/PM SUPPLEMENT PACKS, developed by two of Seattle’s leading naturopathic doctors focused on multiple sclerosis, contain all the essential nutritional components for those diagnosed with MS. Based on recent research, these twice-a-day packs can help to support the immune system and improve neurological function.

Each AM packet contains: Two multivitamins to improve overall immunity, B complex with metafolin to help with mitochondrial function and improve neurotransmitter production and last, an extremely high quality EPA fish oil capsule with the added benefit of vitamin D.

Each PM packet contains: Two additional multivitamins and a multi-strain probiotic to support the immune system and reduce autoimmune disease.

Each pack is a 30-day supply, and through the Swank website, it represents a 25% savings over purchasing the same supplements individually, and are physician-grade products not otherwise available to the public.

Swank health

“After considerable research, I developed a plan for the treatment of multiple sclerosis that absolutely anyone can do. A lifestyle change will have to take place, which may be a challenge for you, but the challenges of living with a disability are much greater.

“My 50 years of research and working with approximately 5,000 people, just like you, have proven that this protocol works to slow progression of the disease as well as benefit overall health.”

– Roy L. Swank, MD, PhD

Swank health

The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book

Low-Fat Diet for the Treatment of MS

by Roy Laver Swank, M.D., Ph.D.

and Barbara Brewer Dugan

Dr. Swank’s groundbreaking research about MS and diet can be found in the pages of this book. It was originally published in 1972, then revised in 1977 and again in 1987.

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