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Aug 13 2017

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Owens Minor’s end-to-end
inventory management program

Right size your on-hand inventory. Reduce waste. Improve utilization through powerful analytics. Unlock the true value of your supply chain through Owens Minor’s Inventory Solutions suite of services.

Owens Minor’s Inventory Solutions uses a holistic approach to manage your PAR areas and your perpetual inventory locations. Align your product supply with demand by utilizing industry-proven inventory management services.

Owens Minor’s Physical Valuation Services provides an accurate cost-effective alternative to your fiscal year end physical inventory counting requirements. Owens Minor has chosen to partner with leading companies Z5Health and Data Solutions Corporation.

Gain a guaranteed 5% savings when utilizing Owens Minor’s resource management service to manage your wound closure inventory. Benefits include multi-year savings, on-site experienced resources, expedited product shipping and returns, and powerful analytics.

QSIGHT provides total inventory control. QSIGHT is easy to use, web-based application with barcode scanner that connects to a database of over 400,000 SKUs. It streamlines ordering, improves charge capture and supply utilization. Over 400 departments use QSIGHT .

Owens Minor’s proven, RFID-enabled enclosures automatically track and monitor your high-end, expensive perpetual inventory in real-time, 24/7. Enjoy all of the benefits of QSIGHT Perpetual Inventory Management along with RFID capabilities to enable real-time information flow. QSIGHT RFID offers a variety of different sizes and temperature capabilities that are commercial proven and regulatory compliant.

QSIGHT Kanban powered by BlueBin Inc. is a visual replenishment system that ensures supplies are correctly restocked. Owens Minor’s proven expertise in inventory management and BlueBin Inc.’s powerful visual replenishment system and technology has combined to create an industry-leading PAR management system.

Standardize and save with Owens Minor’s Implant Purchase Management. Hospitals can lose up to 3% of supply spend through manual-entry bill only transactions. Our proven technology will simplify your bill only processes and remove human error so you can recoup your appropriate savings.

What is QSIGHT ?

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