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Dec 8 2017

Predictive Dialer #predictive #dailer

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a great tool for companies big and small, whether you are a huge call center or a one man shop. Predictive dialers are used to dial out a list of phone numbers at a slow or fast pace and when a live call connects information of the client or prospect will populate on the screen.

Manager side

There are two sides to a predictive dialer, the manager side and the agent side. The manager side is where the phone lists are loaded up, the campaigns are created, access to all of the reporting and overall where the manager is able to manage his or her sales floor. There are two different modes you can choose between for your campaign, you can choose power dialer mode or a preview dialer mode. When a campaign is in power dialer mode it will run at the speed of channels that you set it to from 1-10 and pauses when a live call is connected and resumes when the call is completed. Preview dialer mode will populate the information before the call is made and the agent can either call the contact or skip to the next one. There are also 3 different types of campaigns that you can run; a live only which hangs up on any voice mail call, a live call that leaves pre recorded messages when connected to voice mails and a campaign where the system connects to both live answers and voice mails. The reporting on the manager side is extremely important when managing a sales floor because it shows the manager essentially which representative is performing the best. Reporting also allows a manager to use the platform as a CRM (customer relationship management) and provides information on all the incoming calls that the manager is able to edit.

Agent side

The agent side is where the agent logs in to start dialing, add notes, schedule call backs and disposition calls. Agents can log in to the predictive dialer agent side by either using the built in web phone, a downloaded soft phone or a call in to the system feature using your cell phone or landline. Not only are predictive dialers beneficial for managers to keep track of their agents and make a more efficient sales team but this software is also a great asset to agents. Agents are able to dial way quicker and get a lot more leads using this type of tool because of the automatic dialing. Instead of having to pick up a phone, dial a number, wait for ring time and possibly get connected to a voice mail your agents can use a headset and have short wait times in between calls. On top of reducing time in between calls the agent is able to disposition the call right then and there with the information already included instead of having to manually enter it in to their CRM.

Predictive dialers are the way of the now and the way of the future for any type of business, no wasted time and no wasted money.

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