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Sep 18 2018

Paragon CRT Contact Lenses – Are They Right For You?

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Paragon CRT: Clear Vision without Surgery or Daytime Lenses

Corneal Reshaping, or corneal refractive therapy, is a safe, non-surgical and reversible process that uses specially designed CRT Brand Contact Lenses to gently reshape the surface of your eye during sleep, thereby providing clear vision during the day. This procedure, also known as orthokeratology (ortho-k), is temporary and reversible, so lenses must be worn during sleep each night.

CRT Contact Lenses gently reshape the cornea while you sleep to correct nearsightedness.

Ortho-k with CRT Contact Lenses can be an ideal vision correction method for active children, especially those involved in sports, or children who are genetically prone to having their nearsightedness progress year after year. It’s also well suited to many adults whose careers or hobbies aren’t conducive to wearing glasses or contact lenses.

For children and adults who have stopped wearing daytime soft contact lenses due to lens dryness or discomfort, ortho-k with CRT Contact Lenses can provide a healthier alternative and provide clear vision during the day.

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Nearsightedness (Myopia) Is a Major Health Concern

Since 1971, the incidence of myopia has increased 66 percent in the U.S. High levels of myopia double the risk of serious ocular health problems such as retinal detachment, cataract and glaucoma, which can lead to vision loss and blindness.

Myopia affects 1 in 3 in America and 1 in 2 in some Asian countries. Myopia affects a quarter of the world’s population and by 2020 it’s estimated that 2.5 billion people will have myopia.

With these statistics, like autism, obesity, and diabetes, the incidence of nearsightedness is rising fast enough to be considered an epidemic. The danger is that severe myopia increases the risks of retinal detachment, glaucoma, and other eye disorders including blindness.

Studies suggest that ortho-k contact lenses may slow down or stop the progression of nearsightedness.

Advantages of Ortho-k with CRT for Children and Teens

Parents can closely monitor their child’s contact lens wear and care when using CRT Contact Lenses, because the contact lenses never leave the home. There are no worries about your child losing a lens at school, or getting dust behind their contacts while playing.

Contact lenses are often attractive to children because they eliminate the embarrassment of eyeglasses and increase self-esteem. Also, all children should use protective eyewear when playing sports, and CRT Contact Lenses allows the use of non-prescription glasses or goggles, eliminating the expense of prescription sport glasses.

Learn more about CRT Contact Lenses for children or for teens.

Benefits of CRT Contact Lenses for Athletes

Many Adults Can Benefit From Lens-Free Daytime Vision

Some careers require good vision without wearing glasses or contacts; ortho-k with CRT Contact Lenses is an excellent option for those individuals since the lenses are worn only during sleep.

WATCH a news report about ortho-k contact lenses

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LEARN more about CRT contact lenses

Other adults who can benefit from wearing CRT contacts include those who prefer not to wear glasses, people who are frustrated by the discomfort and fluctuating vision of contact lenses, and those whose dry eyes are exacerbated by wearing traditional contact lenses.

Are CRT Contact Lenses Safe? There’s Safety in Numbers!

Not all contact lenses can be worn safely overnight. CRT Contact Lenses are specially designed for overnight wear, and are approved for overnight wear by the U. S. Food Drug Administration.

CRT Contact Lenses are recognized as the gold standard for safety in corneal reshaping. With more than 1.5 million CRT lenses sold in 49 countries, and only one adverse event reported over the last decade, which was resolved without loss of vision, orthokeratology with CRT lenses is a proven and safe alternative for the treatment of nearsightedness (myopia).

Is Ortho-k with CRT Contact Lenses New? Why Haven’t I Heard About It Before?

Orthokeratology with CRT Contact Lenses was approved by the FDA in 2002, and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are sleeping with CRT Lenses each night to correct their myopia. In the U.S. interest among eyecare professionals is at an all-time high, due to the increasing awareness of a myopia epidemic, and in 2017 thousands of eye doctors will attend courses to learn more about safely reshaping the eye using orthokeratology to correct myopia.

Want to know more? Click below to visit the CRT website, where you can find a doctor and get a free CRT screening certificate.

LEARN MORE about ortho-k with CRT Contact lenses at the CRT website

FIND a certified CRT eye care practitioner near you and receive a free CRT screening

Important note: Ortho-k with CRT Contact Lenses is not FDA-approved for controlling the progession of myopia.

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