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Oct 13 2017

Multicultural and International Education #ma #in #international #education


Multicultural and International Education

An advanced study programme which provides necessary competence for work related to the Norwegian multicultural school, as well as for international work within the education sector in the South.

Aims and contents

This master’s programme aims to provide increased knowledge and competence in education with a focus on both the Norwegian multicultural school and work related to education and development in an international context. Students choose an area of specialization, either multicultural education or education and development in the global South.

Knowledge and knowledge production is becoming an ever more important part of societal development. The need for people with insight into such processes has thus become even more crucial. The programme provides students with professional competence focused on different professional fields depending on the specialization chosen.

The programme will strengthen the candidate’s ability to demonstrate that they have developed knowledge about and insight into scientific thinking and research methods. Students will also be able to demonstrate independent and critical understanding of theoretical problems based on research literature. The master’s thesis is a major part of the programme. The programme and assignments will provide competence to both conduct research work within the field of education and in other occupations that demand research competence.


Students accepted onto the programme should plan to arrive in Oslo no later than the second week in August as classes begin in the first half of August. Classes are held three days per week and this is a full-time programme.


Application deadline

1 March for applicants from the European Union / European Economic Area (EU/EEA) and Switzerland. Applications accepted from 1 January.

15 December for applicants from the rest of the world. Applications accepted from 15 October.

Citizens of countries outside the EU/ EEA or Switzerland who are resident in Norway are strongly encouraged to apply by 15 December to allow sufficient time for processing of documents.

It is still possible to register an application for this study programme.

Admission requirements

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in education or another bachelor’s degree in a relevant social sciences discipline. with an average grade no lower than C according to the ECTS grading scale.

Proof of English proficiency is also required.

Programme content and structure

The master’s programme consists of five courses in order to ensure the interests of a common academic content and provide the opportunity for specialization and in-depth study. Courses 1, 2 and 4 are common for all students. Course 3 is made up of two components: course 3a and 3b. Students who select the specialisation Multicultural education studies must choose course 3a. Students who choose the specialisation in Education and development in the South must choose course 3b. Course 5 is the Master thesis, which may be written in either Norwegian or English. Courses can be taught in smaller course units. Courses 1, 2, 4 and 3b are taught in English. Course 3a is taught in Norwegian. Each course has a mandatory attendance requirement.

1 year

FLKM4100 10 ECTS
Introduction to Multicultural and International Education

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