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Nov 14 2017

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Welcome to Worry-Free Remodeling

Remodeling Can Be Complicated, But It Doesn’t Need To Be Stressful.

Let’s face it, a remodeling project can be a complicated endeavor. There are a lot of things to plan for and consider, and trying to tackle a large project on your own or hiring someone who doesn’t have the necessary experience, education, and expertise can quickly turn your dream project into a real nightmare. Complicated shouldn’t mean stressful. At All-Star Remodeling & Design we specialize in Worry-Free Remodeling!

We’ve dedicated the past 17 years to perfecting our process in order to give our clients the most enjoyable, profound, and superb remodeling projects possible. It is our absolute intention to treat every client with the highest level of honesty and integrity in hopes of earning their trust and developing a wonderful relationship with them. We don’t just want to earn your business, we want to be your remodeler for life!

The All-Star Difference

Successful remodeling does not happen by chance. It is meticulous, planned out, and carefully executed. With All-Star Remodeling & Design you get much more than a contractor and a bid. To help ensure we go above and beyond to deliver the extraordinary projects our clients deserve we have developed our 5-Star Promise. This is our commitment to you that your project will include:

  1. Excellence in Design Craftsmanship – We hate “ordinary” and we are obsessed with quality. Our Worry-Free Design Guarantee gives you the perfect design with no risk on your part!
  2. Zero Sales Pressure – We never sell you on a product. We only present you with a solution for your unique project and needs!
  3. Guaranteed Budget – We ask a ton of questions. And this is key to the project going smoothly. We work with you to select all of your materials and costs so we can deliver you a Guaranteed Budget before the work even begins!
  4. On-Time Completion – Happy clients have their projects stared and completed on time. When our team gets on your job – we stay committed to it all the way through to completion!
  5. Our Lifetime Warranty Promise – If there is ever a problem with our workmanship – whether it’s 5 months or 5 years later – we will be there to take care of it, for as long as you own your home!

We may not be the cheapest and we may not be the fastest… but we do pride ourselves on being the BEST!

When you’re truly passionate about something you naturally strive to be the best. Every one of our All-Star Team members is passionate about what they do. Whether it’s helping to plan your new space and educating you on your options, coordinating and communicating with you during your project, or obsessing over the accuracy and detail of the finish work, our team is committed to excellence!

We may not be the cheapest, and we don’t mind being honest about that. If you look hard enough you can always find someone who is willing to do your project for less. The problem is that when you focus on price alone you often sacrifice quality installation, quality products, and quality service – many times all three. We understand that price is always a concern, but we like to focus on value. And in terms of value, we without-a-doubt give you the most for your money! In addition to our 5-Star Promise, here are a few more ways in which we separate ourselves from the rest (click each to learn more):

If you are a Southwest Michigan homeowner looking for elegant, worry-free, and successful remodeling, you’ve come to the right place. We’d be honored to give you our advice along with a quote and for a chance to become your remodeler for life!

Click here or call 269-342-6356 to schedule your free in-home consultation today!

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