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Aug 13 2017

Instructional Design Certificate Online #masters #of #instructional #technology


Graduate Certificate
Begins every Fall (August), Spring (January) Summer (May)

  • 12 Credits
  • 1+ Year to Complete
  • 100% Online
  • Live Web Classes Held Evenings/Weekends
  • Semester-based Courses
  • In-State Tuition Regardless of Residency

What Is Instructional Design?

The field of Instructional Design (ID) lies at the intersection of three disciplines:

It first began during World War II when the military needed to develop effective training for large numbers of soldiers in order to save lives and equipment. By drawing from the known body of established research and theory in these disciplines, experts developed a model for ensuring effective training and learning, regardless of discipline, learners or environment.

  • From psychology. they drew the best of what is known about how humans learn and develop.
  • From communications. they drew from all that is known about message design and communication.
  • From education. they pulled from all that is known about how people learn in formal and informal settings.

Instructional design grew out of this process, and today there are at least 40 different ID models used in education, corporate and government settings. All models share the same underlying process of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation, also known as the ADDIE process.

Online Graduate Certificate: Instructional Design Technology (IDT)

UND College of Education Human Development’s online Instructional Design Technology (IDT) Graduate Certificate prepares you for service in education, business, government and industry by teaching you how to enhance instruction and learning through the use of technology.

With UND’s online IDT Graduate Certificate program, you will:

  • study the latest technology and its uses for teaching and learning
  • use a process that is part science and part art to develop effective instruction, whether that is for the corporate training room or the public school classroom
  • analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate technology-based instruction that is effective and reflects sound ID principles
  • develop computer-based instruction, multimedia, web-based instruction, video-based instruction, and even simulations and games for learning
  • design learning for anyone, any time, on any topic and in any format

You also may pursue a fully-online Master’s Degree in Instructional Design Technology by completing 34 to 36 credits of master’s coursework.

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