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May 12 2018

How It Works

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How It Works

Step 1 – Create Your Profile

Creating your profile is fun, fast and free. This is an opportunity to tell the world your story. Explain why you are the most deserving candidate* and why everyone should vote for you. You can make us laugh…or you can make us cry. Either way, don t hold anything back…let it all hang out!

* Even if you don’t need a Free Charity Car you can create a profile, vote and promote, and transfer your votes to a deserving friend.

Step 2 – Stay Active On The Site, Generate Votes Promote

Staying active on the site and generating votes is crucial to receiving a Free Charity Car. By staying active on the site you are proactively pursuing your dream of car ownership by putting forth an effort. This program is not a sign up and walk away program. You must put forth an effort, and staying active on the site. **Generating votes helps your profile attain a higher page rank, thus moving you up the waiting list to have your application reviewed when a donated vehicle becomes available in your area. The process of staying active on the site, generating votes and promoting FCC pays it forward by spreading the word and increasing the popularity of our website which leads to additional vehicle donations that can be awarded to our neighbors, and maybe…even to you. The more you help others…the more you help yourself. Remember, we re all in this together…we are all one.

Step 3 – Bond With Supportive Friends Apply for a Free Charity Car

The FCC website is a caring online community offering compassion and hope. Our loving members form special bonds and support one another through life’s toughest challenges. Many members report that they find the process of simply sharing their story very therapeutic. As you develop friendships and vote for others, you receive votes in return. The very act of daily voting for others creates good karma for you, and serves as an affirmation of love and hope for the recipient of that vote. By voting and promoting you will improve your profile s page rank, help others, and be at the forefront to be selected to have your application reviewed when a vehicle is donated in your area.*

* FCC usually reviews the applications of top ranked members first so keep generating votes, always stay active on the site, and spread the word by promoting.

**We believe that members who are willing to invest sweat equity by staying active on the site, working to vote promote should be the members chosen to receive the gift of a vehicle. Inactive members who have not signed in for 30 days or more will not be eligible for a vehicle. If their application comes up for review for a vehicle, and they are inactive they will be skipped.

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