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Aug 31 2018

Home Health Aide Certification Classes, hospice aide certification.#Hospice #aide #certification

Home Health Aide Certification Classes

Interested in applying for a Home Health Aide position?

You must be certified in NJ as a Home

Health Aide to apply.

Health’s website. For further information, please call

Interested in becoming a Certified Home Health Aide?

Meridian At Home offers certifications classes! Please call 1‐877‐222‐2040 for further information.

Home Health Aides: Partners in Care

Meridian At Home values our home health aides because we know that the personal care they provide to our patients is of the highest quality!

Questions and Answers about Meridian’s Home Health Aide Training Program

  • What does a Home Health Aide do?

A Home Health Aide’s primary function is to render personal (hands on) care to patients in their homes. Personal care consists of bathing, showering, exercises, transfers, etc.

How do I know what to do for a client?

A HHA works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. The nurse develops a written care plan which the HHA follows.

Classes are scheduled at various locations in Monmouth and Ocean Counties and are held M-F for 3 weeks. You must be able to attend all days of the selected class schedule. You are not paid while attending the class.

You need to apply online. You will only receive a phone call to set up an interview if there is an opening in the class. Completing an application does not guarantee you a spot in the class.

What kind of information do I need for my application?

Our application is standard. You will need your work history complete with names, phone numbers, and dates of employment. We also run an extensive criminal background check on every applicant.

How much does the HHA Class and physical cost?

There is no cost to you for the physical. Currently, HHA class tuition is $250, plus $50 for course textbook

Are there any additional costs?

There is an $80 fee to the Board of Nursing for your HHA certificate. You will be required to bring an $80 money order that is not made out to anyone when you have been accepted into the class. If you attend class everyday, pass the physical and background check we do for you, then the money order will be made out to the NJ Board of Nursing. If you fail any part, the money order will remain with Meridian.

Once you’ve had your interview and we’ve checked your application, we process your background check. The background check must be cleared before we can proceed further. Next, we would schedule you for a pre‐employment physical at one of Meridian’s Occupational Health sites.

Do I need to bring anything for the physical?

Yes, a photo ID is required. If you were previously a positive for a Mantoux, please bring written proof.

Ok, so now that I have had an interview and provided references, background, and my physical has been scheduled, what’s next?

Once we receive your medical clearance you will be contacted if there is an opening in the class. If this class is full you will be offered a spot in the next class.

What are the class requirements?

100% attendance is required by the Board of Nursing in order to receive your HHA certification.

Am I required to work for Meridian when I complete the class?

Yes, you will be required to work for Meridian for a minimum of 6 months and will need to sign a commitment letter before you start the class.

Once you successfully complete the class, your information is sent to the New Jersey Board of Nursing. When we receive a letter stating you are approved to work as a Home Health Aide, we call you and schedule you for general orientation.

As a new graduate of our class, how do I get work?

As a new employee you are offered Per Diem status. You are called by the scheduler and offered work which you can either accept or decline. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any set number of hours per day or per week. There are no benefits associated with Per Diem status. All CHHAs are required to work one weekend per month and one summer and one winter holiday.

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