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Oct 12 2017

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Welcome to BHEKIGURU

We specialise in labour and employment law. We are legally qualified in South African law.. We currently have offices in Johannesburg, however we work anywhere in South Africa as the clients’ needs dictates

  • Labour law attorneys
  • Labour law attorneys

    Meet Bheki Mavundla

    Very Ethusiastic Individual with a wealth of experience spanning over 16 Years in the industry. His expertise span LAbour Law and HR Consultance, Project Management, Team Management, Business Strategy, Accounting and Finance

    Services we offer

    We specialise in the following

    Available to advise companies / individuals regarding labour law /labour relations and employment relations, CCMA and Bargaining Council assistance, give advice to individuals and employers on their situations, privately arbitrate and conciliate on labour disputes, and present in house briefing courses on labour and Human Resources in the workplace

    Labour law attorneys

    CCMA Assistance

    Labour law attorneys

    Chairing of disciplinary hearings

    Labour law attorneys

    Initiating disciplinary hearings

    Labour law attorneys

    Labour Law & HR Workshops

    Labour law attorneys

    Union related matters

    Labour law attorneys

    Performance management

    About Bhekiguru

    Available to advise companies and/ individuals regarding labour law /labour relations, represent employers/employees. READ MORE.

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    Labour Law Articles

    Take time and go through are highly infomative artcles so that you are educated and kept abreast with changes in the field. READ MORE

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