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Jan 14 2018

Home & Auto Insurance – Pensacola FL

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All Risk Insurance

Specialized home and auto insurance in Pensacola, FL

We re a locally owned and operated agency that delivers comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions in Pensacola and throughout Northwestern Florida. We ve served individuals, families, and businesses for more than 35 years and we re proud to have a longstanding history in our service communities. We re members of the FAIA. which guides our approach to delivering solutions. We also receive continuing education every year to ensure that we use best practices and that we are on the cutting edge of insurance trends.

We can protect against virtually any risk and we work with a number of AM Best A+ rated carriers. Allied, Tower Hill, and Frontline are among the carriers with which we work and as a result of working with these and other carriers we can provide the best solutions possible. We specialize in home, auto, and business insurance, with a particular focus on auto repair shops, contractors, lawn services and laundromats.

Home and auto insurance

At All Risk Insurance we have a vast home insurance program through which we write policies that are custom-tailored to the needs of individual clients. We ll tailor a policy to you as a Florida homeowner.

Auto insurance is important for Floridians as well, and like our home insurance program, our auto insurance program is fully customizable to the needs of individuals. From base coverages like liability and collision to additional coverages like diminishing deductible and accident forgiveness. we ll keep you protected when you re both on and off the road.

Bundling home and auto insurance makes you eligible for a discount that lowers your rates and for benefits that make extended coverage options available to you. Speak with an agent to learn more.

Business insurance

Businesses in Florida need protection against exposures, and through our business insurance program we provide that protection. We provide a wide variety of coverages that provide a base of protection for virtually any operation and we have programs for specific industries like contracting and retail.

Securing businesses with broad and flexible insurance policies is one way in which we help contribute to the health of commercial environments in the communities we serve, but there is more than we do to ensure this health. We support and participate in local events and we work with local organizations, and as a result we contribute to commercial health and social health.

Community Involvement

We give to a homeless shelter in Pensacola and we work with For the Children of Milton. which provides housing for the homeless and helps children find resources and care that they need. In addition, we sponsor and participate in charities, fundraisers, sporting events, and festivals that celebrate the areas we serve and that help make our service communities better places to live and work. We also work with local organizations that contribute to the socioeconomic growth of the communities we serve. Our involvement with these events and organizations helps us get to know the people and business that we serve better and to become better insurers.

A little bit more about us

We believe in giving every client the best insurance experience possible and to ensure that such an experience is had we deliver effective and expansive products and personalized services. We help clients make the best insurance investments possible and we help clients maximize the value of these investments.

We can find a market for almost anything and we re frequently referred to by other insurers. In the event that we cannot insure someone or a commercial enterprise, we justly refer the individual and/or enterprise owner to a specialized agent. We manage risk and claims and we provide ongoing education. This way, our clients can reduce costs and can have advocates. Our clients can also have the informational tools necessary in order to make the best possible decisions about insurance.

We re fully available to our clients, which means that we can be reached whenever and however they might need to reach us. Via text, email, phone, and/or personal interactions, we communicate with our clients in ways that they prefer. We contact clients before annual reviews to ensure that changes that affect coverages have not occurred, and monitor policies closely to ensure that plans are always current and effective and so that rates are appropriate.

Please contact us or give us a call to learn more or to get started. If you re ready to start on a policy, feel free to request a quote.

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