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Sep 18 2018

Forex Trading Strategies That Work, forex trader jobs.#Forex #trader #jobs

Forex trader jobs

In this blog post I will go over 7 common mistakes in trading psychology. I know that s a subject many traders are not so interested in, however if you master it you will have a huge edge, so let s go! Trading Psychology The hardest thing to learn If you’ve ever had real money [ ]

Forex trader jobs

Forex Pairs: How to Find Your Trading Match

Forex Pairs: How to Find Your Trading Match A lot of people had asked me this question. It even seems like one of these trading secrets no one really know how to go about. Ever since I became a forex trader I studied the different Forex pairs and came to different conclusions. Different [ ]

Forex trader jobs

What Kind of Trader Are You?

What kind of trader are you? Maybe you are a seasoned trader or maybe you are just starting out. Whatever your current experience level trading the Forex Markets, you are required to have a well laid out plan if you want to become successful in this business. A trading plan will allow you to [ ]

Forex trader jobs

7 Ways to Improve your Trading Psychology

7 Ways to Improve Your Trading Psychology When trading we always experience the two sides of the same coin: fear and greed. If you’ve ever traded with real money you know that strange tickle when price starts to go your way. Suddenly, you are up a few dollars, maybe even a couple hundred dollars. Yes, [ ]

Forex trader jobs

How to Become a Full Time Trader

How to become a full time trader When we play with the idea of becoming full time traders, we sometimes think in the terms of our normal jobs. Let’s suppose that right now you’re earning $3,000 a month and you start making some random trading calculations, account sizes and leverage possibilities on how many trades and [ ]

Forex trader jobs

How to Make Your First Profitable Trade

How to make your first profitable trade When I started my trading career I used to buy, test and try every single method I could put my hands on. Not only for trading the Forex markets, but for options, stocks, futures or any trading instrument I could find. However must of the times I was [ ]

Forex trader jobs

How to deal with a losing streak

How to Deal With a Losing Streak When trading the financial markets, Forex included. You will eventually face the horrible situation of being “out of the zone”. Especially after you find a trading system that works for you and you are trading confidently since things seem to go your way for a period [ ]

Forex trader jobs

Do you know that having a Trading Plan could reduce your mistakes up to 90% when trading?

In 1815, Napoleon was back in power and back in business after his escape from forced exile. Every leader in Europe was well aware that if Napoleon would get strong again, blood will run through Europe once more and empires will fall to his feet again. Therefore Everyone who could, sent his army to defeat [ ]

Forex trader jobs

2 Market Conditions that We Will Find Constantly and How to Trade Them Profitably

2 Market Conditions that We Will Find Constantly and How to Trade Them Profitably When I first started learning about the Forex Markets, I remember reading somewhere that you must trade with the trend. I spent hours looking at charts trying to guess and find that “magical trend” that could give me a potential home-run. [ ]

Forex trader jobs

If you only knew that by writing down a few numbers you could easily become a Star Trader

If you only knew that by writing down a few numbers you could easily become a Star Trader Trading can be a daunting activity. Your emotions are on the edge, your money is in the line and your beliefs about the market are your best weapon to try to take a bite of whatever instrument [ ]

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