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Aug 13 2017

Firestone Complete Auto Care Complaints – 6 Consumer Reviews – Complaints List #bad #credit #auto

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Last Updated On: August 12, 2015

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Latest Firestone Complete Auto Care Complaint

It’s All About Radiator Hoses that Were Needed but They Didn’t Have

On: August 12, 2015

By: Andrea Brown

Reported Loss = $238.00

Here is what happened! I was a block and a half away from my house, when my brakes stopped working. I managed to pullover to the side, turn of the car, wait a few minutes, and then proceeded to go home. I got home, made an appointment with Firestone, for Saturday, July 25, 2015 to do an oil change and also take a look to see what else was wrong with the car. I also rented a car with Enterprise because I had an event in Little Falls, NJ at a Vitamin Shoppe. I wasn t about to lose this gig!

From the time I was at the car rental place until I came home, there was a total of six phone calls recorded on my cellphone between my husband, myself, and Firestone Auto Care. The service adviser explained to me that they were running a pressure test cooling system after they had finished the oil change. On their service document it says that the vehicle leaks. Before I came to pick up my car, I was told by the service adviser that I had to get a coolant reservoir (bottle), upper and lower radiator hose for my car. Firestone, does not carry these parts for a 1995 Dodge Caravan SE 3.0L V6 engine.

I spent most of Sunday trying to find the parts, first I went on line and checked various places. Then I went to two different Autozone stores, I was able to find an upper radiator hose. Next, I went to an Advance Auto Parts store, I found the Coolant Reservoir jug that I needed. The upper and lower radiator hose had to be ordered so the salesperson recommended that I drive back with my car to verify the parts needed for my Dodge Caravan were the right parts for that particular vehicle.

After dropping of my rental, I drove the Dodge Caravan down to Advance Auto Parts and they ordered both the upper and lower radiator hoses. I picked them up around 10:30. I proceeded to make an appointment that same day with Firestone since I now had all the parts needed to complete the needed service for my car.

However, I could only make an appointment for the following day which is today, Wednesday, July 29th, 2015. When I got there I was told that they could not use the parts that I had brought for my vehicle. I tried to explain to the technician that I was told to get these replacement parts because the parts for my car aren t available at Firestone. I also told them I scheduled an 8:00 appointment to get a coolant flush. I left my car right there with my keys and the parts.

I am very upset because I had to rent another car, I spent three days trying to get the parts to repair my car, and I was going by the service advisers advice. I was told that this service adviser would be in today at 11:00 am. I decided to file a complaint because not only did I waste money renting out cars, buying gas, and purchasing replacement parts, I ve wasted lots of time with trying to get these repairs made. I certainly can t risk driving that car on the highway and my brakes give out on me!

Firestone 2 Anderson Ave Fairview New Jersey 07022 | 201-945-5616

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