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Feb 15 2018

Employee Benefit Plans

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Employee Benefit Pension Specialists

2013 Fidelity’s Plan Sponsor Attitude Survey

Two things always on a plan sponsor�s mind�retirement readiness and fiduciary responsibility – Details

When is a 401k Distribution Not Subject to the 10% Penalty?

There are only a couple of situations where the IRS will waive the 10% 401k early withdrawal penalty, i.e. a withdrawal prior to the participant reaching age 59� – Click Here

401(k) Sponsors Want Expert Advisers

A new Spectrem Group survey report of 150 plan sponsors taken earlier this year said they might hire an investment consultant as well as a separate adviser with administrative expertise – Click Here

Income Tax Savings – Retirement Saver’s Credit

IRS Bulletin IR-2008-134, reminds most qualified plan participants they still have time to take steps to get the full benefit of the saver�s credit. The latest bulletin from the Internal Revenue Service – Click Here

Six ways Employers may alleviate 401(k) anxieties over the financial crisis

Here are a few tips to help employers ease workers’ concerns about their 401(k) balances in light of the recent mood swings of the stock market – Click Here

Enhanced Plan Design: The Dual Plan Concept

We offer advanced experience in the discipline of retirement plan design for companies that elect to sponsor retirement plans. Does your plan achieve optimum benefit levels? Adding a cash balance plan to a 401k/profit sharing plan might be the solution. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation – Click Here

What is a Cash Balance Plan?

A cash balance plan is a defined benefit plan where a participant’s account is credited each year – Click Here

The Race to Gather QDIA Assets

PPA (the Pension Protection Act) and the creation of the long-term Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) has brought about a degree of change in the defined contribution (DC) marketplace that has. – Click Here

Form 5500 – Who May Not Have To File

You do not have to file Form 5500-EZ (or Form 5500) for a plan year (other than the final plan year) that begins on or after January 1, 2007, if you meet the five conditions – Click Here

A Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan

Or MERP is ‘one of the best kept secrets in the industry ‘ – Section 105 of the Internal Revenue Code provides a way to save taxes, for both employer and employee on excess medical expenses – Click Here

Adding a Roth 401K: Rules

According to the IRS, it will implement the Roth 401K provision of EGTRRA. Under this new ruling, employees will be able to designate money in their 401K plan to be Roth contributions. – Click Here

HSAs or Health Savings Accounts

begin to take hold in the market. – Click Here

HSA – Eligible Qualified Expenses: – Click Here

Benefits Blog: Read Opine

Affected by socio-economic interests, employer needs, and legislation the employee benefit landscape is ever changing. Visit our web log — read, think, and opine. Your views and comments are welcome. – Click Here

IRS Announces 2015 Qualified Plan Contribution Limits

Historical Chart of Contribution Limits 2004-2015 – Click Here

Calendar Watch.

2010 Form 5500 filing deadline is due in most cases by 07/31/2011 with extension by 10/15/2011 Details.

PBGC premium vouchers – The earliest filing due dates are for calendar year plans:
� Estimated Flat-rate Filing is due 03/01/2011 (for large plans).
� Comprehensive Filing is due 10/15/2011 (for large and mid-size plans).
� Comprehensive Filing is due 05/02/2011 (for small plans).

2010 Safe Harbor Notifications due in most cases by 11/30/2011.

Advisers Crucial to QDIA Selection

The majority (86%) of plan sponsors surveyed indicate they are reliant on some form of intermediary to assist them with the general management of their DC plan investments, and 79% indicate they used or intend. Click Here

Saving for retirement is about the long term

Most people who have self-directed [retirement] plans need to look at the long term, says Jan Grude, president and executive managing director at Buck Consultants. The current state of financial markets is no indication of the future state of the financial markets. Details

EGTRRA Restatement

The IRS reviews restated plan documents either every five or six years, depending on the type of plan document (individually designed, pre-approved prototype, or volume submitter). Pre-approved plan documents (also referred to as prototype and volume submitter) are to be restated every six years. Details


Between jobs? Check Out the Individual Dental Insurance at

Check out our ‘ Strategies Section ‘ for Design, Funding, and Money strategies for details on specific strategies that may help your company achieve a more efficient contribution advantage.

The provisions in the 2001 Economic Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act – EGTRRA are helping qualified plan clients reevaluate their strategies to maximize plan contributions.

Tips, Tricks, Techniques

Strategies –

A Company wants a 401(k) plan for long service employees yet favor key people. This could either be the company’s. What to do? – Click Here for answer.

Top Ten Blunders Plan Sponsors Make With Their 401(k) Plans – Click Here

401(k) Participation Requires Planning

With the traditional pension plan in doubt, more workers must depend on themselves, not their companies, to fund their retirements. For more info: – Click Here

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Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation on any questions you may have regarding benefit plans. – Click Here

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