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Feb 13 2018

Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC

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Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC | Movers Brooklyn New York

Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC Was Ranked In Inc. 5000

NYC Brooklyn Born Moving Company

We named ourselves Dumbo Moving Storage after the neighborhood we started in, Dumbo, Brooklyn. We founded our NYC moving company in 2007 with just one moving truck. Now our company has over 55 trucks and an army of movers. We are proud of our New York heritage. We will move you wherever you want to go: Manhattan, Bronx. Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island. Staten Island ,New Jersey, Florida, wherever you want. If you have a long distance move or can’t move into your new place right way, don’t worry we have storage also.

Why is the Dumbo Moving Company one of the Best in New York?

You got plenty of NYC moving companies to choose from, why pick us? Affordability without sacrificing quality. Rent in Manhattan is expensive but your move out of Manhattan shouldn’t be also. The focus of Dumbo Moving Storage has always been to provide a fair and cheap price of moving to its customers. A New York City moving company shouldn’t be a luxury. It is not rare that a moving company will charge you by the hour. This tends to either make movers either drag their feet or rush through the move and break furniture.We charge a flat fee per item which saves you money on your move. But what about our movers? We can brag here but don’t take our word for it. Check out our Yelp page and read our reviews.

Customizable Move in and out New York City

Whatever your moving needs we got you covered. Do you have a lot closets? Our wardrobe moving boxes are for you. They are built with a metallic rod in them so they are perfect for all your clothes and coats that are on hangers. Don’t like cardboard boxes or want a greener move? Try our reusable storage bins for size. Nervous because you have something valuable or heavy? We move everything from pianos to museum pieces and we have a variety of different moving insurances. Did we mention that we also do office moves? Whatever moving services you need, if you are going across New York City or across the country, we are your moving company .

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