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Feb 13 2018

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Commercial Auto Insurance

At JMI Insurance, we are dedicated to providing superior quality insurance coverage for our customers in Portland, Oregon and beyond. Our insurance agents have more than 30 years of experience working with various companies and businesses to provide them with the best possible commercial auto insurance coverage. We have the knowledge and experience to select a policy that will provide protection for your company at a price that fits your budget.

Auto insurance portland oregon

For any business that uses vehicles to transport its products, commercial auto insurance is a must-have. Our experienced and resourceful insurance agents can compare insurance policies from 15 of the most reputable insurance providers in the industry to provide you and your business with many different options for coverage. We will help you find a policy that not only covers your company’s vehicles, but also covers the cargo those vehicles are carrying as well as the employees operating those vehicles. In other words, we will find a commercial auto insurance policy that adequately protects all aspects of your business. Our highly skilled and experienced insurance agents will work hard for you to find the best possible insurance policy for your company.

Protection You Can Count On

Auto insurance portland oregon

In addition to providing our customers with a great selection of commercial auto insurance policies, we provide the most reliable customer service in the Portland area. You can never plan for when an accident is going to happen, but you can be prepared for it. Not only do our diligent and cordial insurance agents set you up with a policy that provides sufficient coverage, but they are always available to talk to. When you call JMI, you won’t have to deal with any of those frustrating automated recordings. You will speak with one of our insightful insurance agents in Portland. They will listen attentively and address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your policy.

Local Reliable

Auto insurance portland oregonWe will take the time to listen to your needs, find the best policy options for you and will be there when you need us. We have made a commitment to our clients, they come first. We ll go out of our way to fulfill your needs and provide the highest level of customer service you ll ever find.

Your First Only Choice For Insurance

JMI Insurance is an independent insurance agency, and we are excited to be able to offer outstanding insurance coverage to all of our customers. We do insurance the right way. Contact us via phone or online to request a free, no obligation quote today!

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Auto insurance portland oregon

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