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Nov 13 2017

College of Medicine, Alfaisal University Saudi Arabia, alfaisal university.#Alfaisal #university


College of Medicine is located in Riyadh –KSA , and follows an innovative approach in the education of health professionals,including problem-based learning

Alfaisal university

Alfaisal university Alfaisal university Alfaisal university


Maha Al Saud, Alfaisal University Vice President, is a member of the American College of Physicians

Dr. Maha Al Saud, Governor of the American College of Physicians (ACP) in Saudi Arabia, discussed training standards for internal medicine specialists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the annual ACP Internal Medicine Meeting in Washington on May 6.


We are proud to announce and share the news of an outstanding achievement by a faculty member of the College of Medicine.On behalf of the Dean, Dr Khaled Al-Kattan, faculty and staff .

The official establishment of Alfaisal Basic Life support Training Site

We are delighted to share with you the news of further great achievements of Alfaisal students from the College of Medicine. Under the leadership of Mamoud Sakkalaik 5th Year student, Mamoud and his team, with the support of Dr Khaled AlKattan together with other faculty and staff from College of Medicine.

College of Medicine Student Publication Success

We are proud to announce another achievement by one of our College of Medicine students. Mr Khalid Zaza recently shared in publishing in the Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology which is part of Wiley.



The existing curricula of many medical schools in Saudi Arabia follow traditional approaches, which deliver knowledge through fragmented and non-integrated avenues. Instead of being community-oriented, they are teacher-oriented and force students into passive roles. Such institutions produce students who opt to work only in urban areas, contributing further to the poor distribution of stable national health personnel and services throughout the Kingdom. Alfaisal University Medical College which is located in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia and the largest city in the Kingdom, will respond to all of these challenges. The college follows an innovative approach in the education of health professionals, including problem-based learning and community-based education.


Alfaisal university

Saudi Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Alfaisal University in partnership with the “Saudi Alzheimer’s Disease Association”, hosted on December 7, 2016 a workshop entitled: “The art of Volunteering” in cooperation with “Dallah Volunteering Academy”. The workshop focused on the definition, history, aims, and

benefits of volunteering. Furthermore, general behavioural rules and regulations, time and obstacle management, and rights and duties of a volunteer in the association have also been discussed. Further details could be retrieved through the attached link.


College Of Medicine Graduate Achievement In Jeddah

Alfaisal university It gives us great pleasure to announce the news of a recent great achievement by one of our College of Medicine graduates.Dr Ahmed Abu-Zaid won the Third Prize (5,000 SAR) for the Best Research Competition (Oral Competition) organised by the Scientific Chair of Prof. Abdullah Hussain Basalamah for Gynecological Cancer. The competition was held in the King AbdulAziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Wednesday 14th May 2015.

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