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May 15 2018

China Virtual Phone Number

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Buy your China virtual phone number from and have it forwarded to any phone in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, UK, USA or else where in the world. Buy your VirtualGlobalPhone and go Global Being Local. Get your calls forwarded to your home, satellite office, home office, main office, a mobile number or even Instant messenger or free dialler in your PC / mobile or SIP device.

In mainland China, in the 1970s, reforms known as the Four Modernizations modernized the agriculture, industry, technology and defense, eventually making the PRC one of the major powers. China is viewed as the source of many major inventions.

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About Us

We provide local phone numbers in more than 60 countries. Calls to this local phone are forwarded to the phone number you choose anywhere in the world. With our own carrier-class infrastructure deployed and have strategic partners in many countries that enable us to offer you high quality of services with effective rates and unsurpassed voice quality.

What’s DID

A DID, also know as Virtual Number, is a telephone number without a directly assosciate telephone line. Usually these numbers are programmed to forward incming calls to one of the pre-set Phone Fixed, mobile or VoIP. These numbers can work as gateway between tradition calls (PSTN and VoIP. Othe names are follow-me number.

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