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Oct 13 2017

Cheapest Colleges in America: List of Cheap Universities in USA #college #in #the #us


The Cheapest Colleges in America

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List of cheap universities in the USA. What are the cheapest colleges in America? This cheap colleges list starts with the least expensive universities on top. These are the cheapest colleges of the 4 year variety, both cheap private colleges and affordable large universities. It does not include inexpensive colleges that are community colleges or online-only, and you definitely won’t find any Ivy League schools on this list. The data for this cheapest universities list uses 2011 tuition numbers. While the cost of a university education at state or private schools has generally increased due to the recession, the rankings of least expensive colleges is about the same. You can find the 20 cheapest colleges in the America below. Which US colleges are the cheapest? These colleges provide the basic tools that the most expensive colleges in the US provide.

1 Haskell Indian Nations University Lawrence, Kansas

Tuition: $430 a year

2 Diné College

Tuition: $805 a year

3 Sitting Bull College Fort Yates, North Dakota

Net tuition: $939 a year

4 University of Texas–Pan American Edinburg, Texas

Net tuition: $1,646 a year

5 Brazosport College Lake Jackson, Texas

Tuition: $1,692 a year

6 West Virginia University at Parkersburg Parkersburg, West Virginia

Tuition: $2,076 a year

7 Palm Beach State College

Tuition: $2,158 a year

8 Santa Fe College Gainesville, Florida

Tuition: $2,167 a year

9 Pensacola State College

Tuition: $2,179 a year

10 Midland College Midland, Texas

Tuition: $2,220 a year

11 University of Central Florida College of Arts and Humanities Orlando, Florida

Tuition: $2,190 a year

12 Macon State College Macon, Georgia

Net tuition: $2,354 a year.

13 University of Hawaii Maui College

Tuition: $2,238 a year

14 Great Basin College Elko, Nevada

Tuition: $2,243 a year

15 Western Nevada College

Tuition: $2,243 a year

16 College of Southern Nevada

Tuition: $2,243 a year

17 Broward College

Tuition: $2,272 a year

18 South Texas College McAllen, Texas

Net tuition: $2,364 a year

19 Oglala Lakota College

Net tuition: $2,396 a year

20 Oklahoma State University–Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tuition: $2,419 a year

21 Saint Johns River State College

Tuition: $2,434 a year

22 Florida State College at Jacksonville

Tuition: $2,450 a year

23 California State University, Dominguez Hills Carson, California

Net tuition: $2,451

24 Indian River State College Fort Pierce, Florida

Net tuition: $2,452 a year

25 Dalton State College Dalton, Georgia

Net tuition: $2,522 a year

26 Northwest Florida State College Niceville, Florida

Tuition: $2,569 a year

27 Gainesville State College Oakwood, Georgia

Tuition: $2,570 a year

28 Northern New Mexico College Española, New Mexico

Tuition: $2,594 a year

29 Gordon College Barnesville, Georgia

Tuition: $2,596 a year

30 Edison State College

Tuition: $2,682 a year

31 Middle Georgia College Cochran, Georgia

Net tuition: $2,734 a year

32 Polk State College

Tuition: $2,789 a year

33 St. Petersburg College St. Petersburg, Florida

Tuition: $2,822 a year

34 Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture

Tuition: $2,840 a year

35 Miami Dade College Miami, Florida

Tuition: $2,847 a year

36 Potomac State College of West Virginia University Keyser, West Virginia

Tuition: $2,886 a year

37 Daytona State College Daytona Beach, Florida

Tuition: $2,877 a year

38 Chipola College Marianna, Florida

Net tuition: $2,890 a year

39 Seminole State College Seminole, Oklahoma

Tuition: $2,904 a year

40 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Tifton, Georgia

Tuition: $2,962 a year

41 New Mexico Highlands University Las Vegas, Nevada

Tuition: $2,972 a year

42 Olympic College Bremerton, Washington

Tuition: $3,006 a year

43 Lake Washington Technical College Kirkland, Washington

Tuition: $3,108 a year

44 College of Coastal Georgia

Tuition: $3,174 a year

45 California State University, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California

Net tuition: $3,263 a year

46 Edison State College

Net tuition: $3,326Located in Fort Myers, Florida

47 Elizabeth City State University Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Net tuition: $3,335 a year

48 Bismarck State College Bismarck, North Dakota

Tuition: $3,356 a year

49 Southern University at New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana

Tuition: $3,360 a year

50 Columbia Basin College Pasco, Tri-Cities

Tuition: $3,379 a year

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