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Aug 12 2017

Car Trade-In vs For Sale By Owner? #car #tyres #prices

#car trade in

‘Car Trade-In’ vs ‘For Sale By Owner’?

If you decide to trade-in your used car. here are some handy tips:

  • Never reveal your intention to trade-in a used car to a dealer.
  • Negotiate and settle on a price for the car you’re buying first. Then, tell them you want to do a trade-in. You may get a better deal this way.
  • Find out your used car’s Wholesale and Retail value before you go to a car dealer. Dealers give wholesale values for car trade-ins, after deducting the cost of reconditioning them. Knowing these values in advance should help you in your negotiations, since you will know what your car is worth. And hopefully, put more money in your pocket.
  • Some dealers may create a “charge-back” to you somewhere in your purchase contract without you knowing it. Check and have them remove it, if it’s in your purchase contract.

Avoid used “Car Trade-In Allowances”.

Used car dealers give Trade-in allowances to sellers who they perceive to be trying to get the most value for their used car at trade-in. A car dealer may include this charge in your purchase price, to balance out extra money he would’ve made had you not negotiated heavily. They may also not give you any discount off the sticker price, even if you deserve it.

  • Read and understand your entire purchase contract before you sign it. You can avoid problems at the car dealer’s lot doing so.

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