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Jun 12 2017

Best Student Credit Cards

#best credit cards for college students

Student Credit Cards

What is a student credit card?

Student credit cards from our partners offer a way to build and establish credit early on in your financial life. Many of these cards come with rewards for daily spending, allowing you to build your credit history while receiving some perks.

Student cards are designed for individuals with limited to no credit history, making them easier to qualify for than other types of plastic. Cards such as these help newcomers in the credit world establish credit. Some offer rewards like cash back on gas and discounts at movie theaters. But many of these cards have relatively low credit limits and high APRs, charging high interest on balances and putting a maximum on spending.

Who should get one?

Student credit cards are ideal for the young individual who’s looking to establish and build a good credit history. Some of these cards offer bonuses for paying on time and, in some cases, offer access to higher credit limits.

Is my credit good enough?

These cards are typically offered to individuals with fair to good credit. You may not qualify for certain offers, depending on your credit history. In some situations, a co-signer, such as a parent, may be required, especially if you have no credit history.

Tips on student credit cards

Pay off your balance in full each month. One of the biggest dangers of these cards is accumulating high-interest credit card debt. It’s important to calculate if you’ll be able to pay off the balance in full each month before using the card for everyday expenses.

In addition, compare cards thoroughly by interest rate, annual fees and rewards offerings. Find a card that’s best suited to your spending.

Browse our extensive list of student credit cards today.

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