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Sep 24 2017

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online to Get the Lowest Rates

Looking for the best rates on car insurance? You’ve come to the right place.

At, we’ll help you compare the most competitive offers from Canada’s leading auto insurance companies. You’ll get the policy that suits you best while saving time and money.

Most drivers don’t realize that comparing quotes online while shopping for their auto insurance can save them hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per year! Auto insurance rates for the same driver with the same car can vary wildly between insurance companies, which is why comparing rates is the only way to get the best deal.

Whether you’re an experienced motorist shopping for the perfect policy or a new driver exploring auto insurance plans for the first time, we have all the tools you’ll need to find cheap insurance rates in whatever province you live in. At, saving money is easy – we make shopping for car insurance as quick and painless as possible!

How do I find the cheapest auto insurance rates?

Online quote comparison sites like make it simple – just fill out the form provided in our auto insurance section with specific driver details such as your postal code, driving experience, vehicle make and model, etc, and our comparison engine will then tap into our vast network of insurance companies and brokers to find and rank the very cheapest auto insurance rates available to you.

Once you’ve selected the quote from the company that suits you best, you will speak directly with an insurance broker to lock in your rate with the insurance company and help you get set up with your policy. Shopping for car insurance has never been quicker or easier!

Is auto insurance different from province to province?

Yes, auto insurance systems vary greatly depending on where your vehicle is registered.

Several provinces have government administered auto insurance programs, including Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. Here, car insurance rates are set by a Crown corporation and reviewed annually. Quebec uses a hybrid system, where the government provides personal injury coverage while property damage coverage is set by private insurers.

Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and all the territories have private insurance markets where private insurers offer coverage. It should be noted though that many of these jurisdictions still review rates annually and government policies can influence premium prices from year to year.

Private and Public Insurance Systems in Canada

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