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Jun 7 2018

Anti Spam Filtering

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Anti Spam Filtering

There s really no reason you should be bothered by spam and viruses these days. Quality cloud-based services blend the best of technology and human intervention to provide realtime protection against email threats. Here at AppRiver, we ve been fighting unwanted email for more than a decade now. We ve got a layered system of defenses that stops most spam from ever reaching. Read More

modusCloud by Vircom provides not only spam filtering for your business but also advanced threat protection that blocks spam, malicious attachments and URLs, and targeted phishing attacks. Whether you are on Microsoft Exchange Server on-premise, Exchange in the cloud or Office 365 in the cloud, Vircom s modusCloud provides the email security features you need to ensure your business users are. Read More

Sonasoft’s SonaSecure Email Protection Email Continuity is a cloud-based anti-spam and security system that protects in real-time both incoming and outgoing email from spam, ransomware, viruses, malware, and phishing attacks. It works with both on-premise systems (Microsoft Exchange Server) and cloud email systems (Office 365). SonaSecure’s spam detection identifies over 99.9% of spam and has a less than 0.01%. Read More

ALTOSPAM is an external antispam and antivirus software on the cloud that makes it easy to protect from spams, viruses, scams and phishing. It allows companies owning at least one domain name to quickly and effectively secure its email servers and all emails accounts. ALTOSPAM combines 16 anti-spams technologies, 5 anti-viruses as well as other security services such as anti-relay. Read More

Hosted Exchange spam filtering from Netrepid is designed to eliminate annoying, offensive and malicious emails from your network while never losing a valid email. Allow yourself some peace of mind that your network will stay safe and focus on the needs of your business. Our emerging technology solutions will keep your most important communication channel safe and secure. Read More

SEM is powered by 7.232.775 SPAMfighters from 228 countries/areas. If enough SPAMfighters report the same spam mail, it is instantly removed from all SPAMfighters and SEM users. This means instant spam protection with no configuration or maintenance. SPAMfighter Exchange module perfectly integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server, allowing for easy installation/administration and does not require client side software. Read More

Egocentrix s Email Protection plan combines the power of built-in Anti-Virus with Anti-Spam to keep unwanted and harmful emails away from your inbox. Available as an upgrade with all Egocentrix s Web Hosting and Email Hosting solutions. Features include: Defends Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-spoofing, Anti-phishing, and Increased Security, Ease of Use, Dual Layer Virus Blocking, 99.999% uptime SLA, Available for hosted and non-hosted. Read More

GFI MAX MailProtection is a hosted email security and continuity solution that is compatible with any email system and that can be implemented in minutes. Independently proven to be more accurate than other solutions, the service s industry-leading technology adapts quickly to emerging spam techniques. The service also features zero-hour antivirus protection to defend customers at the initial outbreak of a. Read More

St Bernard ePrism Email Filter protects you from spam, viruses and all other malware. With no hardware or software to install or maintain, St Bernard sets up in a few minutes. Our Global Gateway adds another layer of protection to keep your servers clean. Read More

Roaring Penguin Software s Hosted CanIt is an outsourced email filtering solution. No software to install. You point your MX Record at our servers. For a completely hands off, spam filtering service, this is the way to go. Works with all email servers. Read More

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