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Jan 14 2018

Alcohol and Traffic Safety Institute

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Texas Drug Offenders Education Program (TDOEP)

The standardized program is 15 hours in length and specific course topics include history of drug abuse, drug/DWI laws, dynamics of drug use, drugs of abuse, how drugs work, cost of use and abuse, health issues, HIV, interpersonal relationships, deglamorization of drugs, values and behaviors, past and desired behaviors, getting control of your life, resource options, and personal action planning.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

The standardized program is 12 hours in length and specific course topics include alcohol/drugs and traffic safety problems, Texas laws relating to DWI, effects of alcohol/drugs on humans, alcohol/drugs and driving task abilities, chemical dependency, symptoms of dependency, sources of assistance, costs of DWI, identification of alcohol/drug use and driving patterns and decision-making.

Minor in Possession (MIP)

The standardized program is six hours in length and specific course topics include societal values related to alcohol consumption by minors, the influence of alcohol advertising, the physical, social and psychological effects of alcohol; the relationship between motor vehicle and other accidents and alcohol use; relevant laws relating to the purchase, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors, drinking patterns and problems of young people including abuse and addiction and decision making skills.

Out of State Offenses

Court Mandated Drug Alcohol Assessment Providers

Help is Available

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