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May 17 2018

10 Best Premium Support Ticket PHP Script from CodeCanyon

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10 Best Premium Support Ticket PHP Script from CodeCanyon

Having a support system in your website is important for customer service, and it helps you manage and solve your customers’ problems in a professional and organized manner. To that end, we’ve decided to scour through the massive CodeCanyon marketplace to provide you with some of the best premium support ticket PHP script that you can easily install and set up, and have complete control over it in just minutes.

A ticket support system allows you to get in touch with your clients and address their issues in a very organized way. The following PHP script will help you save a lot of time and effort in building a support system from the ground up. They all come with a lot of great features like assigning departments, roles, multiples uploads, email notifications, close ticket, deleting and adding tickets, user-friendly date format, responsive layouts, and more.

Make sure to check out their full features to see what works best for you and your website. Enjoy!

Live Help Support System

Live Help Support System is a comprehensive support system, complete with live chat support by Admin, where all customizations can be done and history is recorded. The live chat feature allows you to get in touch with your customers 24/7. Now, you’ll never miss out a customer and their views on your product; and you can provide better and more satisfactory customer service.


This easy-to-use and simple department ticket system is well-documented and takes less than a minute to install.

Support Centre

Support Centre features a highly advanced ticket system that enables you to connect with your users in an organized environment. Users can register for an account or create tickets as guests to get in touch with your support team. The plugin also lets you easily translate the system into any language by modifying the language files. You can modify a lot of elements in the Admin Panel, including adding your own Twitter account, Envato product checking, and more.


This feature-rich and user-friendly ticket support system is ideal for businesses and individuals who want to keep track of and manage support requests online. With it, you can create multiple users, search tickets, convert POP3 emails into tickets, and create custom priorities, among many others. The tickets are designed to be easy to install, and all configuration and database files are created during the install. All you need is a web hosting account and a free MySQL database – no programming required!


EasyTickets is a nice, clean, and minimalistic ticket management system that comes with awesome features and functions to help you manage client issues. It’s especially designed to be easy to use and understand, whether you’re a beginner or advanced user.

Twitter Support Tickets

This plugin grabs incoming tweets to your account and organizes them based on their status, like ‘Active’, ‘On Hold’, and ‘Closed’. It’s aimed for those who run a Twitter support account for their business; offering a simple method of management and ensuring that everyone gets a speedy response. When you reply to a customer’s tweet, it will automatically mark it once it’s dealt with, so you won’t have to sift through piles of tweets to make sure you’ve replied to all of them.


keyTicket is a lightweight and portable PHP / MySQL ticket support system that comes loaded with awesome features, all in one small package.


This beautifully crafted, small yet powerful ticket management system is built on the Bootstrap framework, together with PHP and MySQL. It features an admin and agent user interface with full overview; client user interface for creating, viewing and modifying tickets; dashboard for displaying alerts and stats; ticket, user, and category management; and more.


VisitorChat is a feature-rich, real-time chat system for your website. It has a clear and simple web-based Admin that allows you to conveniently get in touch with your visitors and clients. Best of all, it comes with a Windows-based client. You’ll be notified from your Windows tray and you can start chatting right away, without the need to visit the admin interface.

Beautiful Customer Support and Article System

This customer support system is simple to use, yet feature-rich. It makes working with users to provide support a whole lot easier. It allows you to manage support requests online, via Web or email. The system is designed from the ground up to work on multiple devices. It’s fully responsive and mobile-ready, be it on desktop, smartphone or tablet.

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